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Spekehall Pty Ltd

Innovating Energy

Innovating Energy Logo

Renewable Energy From Agriculture.

Producing Bioenergy from farm & food wastes through technology innovation.

Innovating Energy has formed Joint Ventures with European technology companies and system suppliers who have over 20 years of experience designing, building and operating ultra-modern industrial biogas plants and biorefineries, that produce clean energy (biogas/biomethane), clean water, high-quality fertiliser from organic wastes.  All with zero emissions.

Nowra BioEnergy Plant

SpekeHall has funded a number of Environmentally Aware projects in Australia and New Zealand

Spekehall Pty Ltd  founded Innovating Energy and the first project is underway at Nowra BioEnergy.

Spekehall Pty Ltd is the major shareholder of Innovating Energy with Philip Horan Chairman.